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The “Present” for Oil is Huge

3 Jul

While “there is no future in oil,” there is, unfortunately, a huge “present” for it.

This is the biggest challenge to looking at a future beyond/without oil.

We move ourselves from one place to another using it, we ship stuff to each other using it, we make all sorts of stuff with it.

Many of us make money drilling for it, refining it, transporting it, reselling it (whether we actually work for companies in this business or own stock in them.)

We are awash in it. Our current lifestyles depend on it.

Any moves we make, large or small, personal or community, corporate or political, toward a future beyond/without oil is a movement in the right direction.

Can that happen though, unless we are actually convinced that “there is no future in oil?”

That is why I am advocating the repetition of this simple phrase and encourage you to do the same: There is No Future in Oil. As it becomes part of our thinking, it will become part of our acting.

We will slowly but surely move in the right direction. But since this will take awhile, we better start now getting this big old ship to turn.