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Repeating the Truth

7 Aug

An incredible number of people believe stuff that isn’t true simply because it has been repeated over and over again: death panels, no birth certificate, the existence of WMDs.

What if we just repeated something that was true. And repeated it over and over again. It would change people’s minds. Literally. New pathways get built in the brain through repetition. The more repetition, the stronger the pathways.

It is actually possible to create a big change with just a simple message.

If you believe that it is true that “There is No Future in Oil” then repeat that phrase.

Stick it in a Facebook status update, or tweet it.

Create a link to this site. Use this: http://wp.me/pYDvT-R



13 Jul

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The energy crisis, unfortunately, is very complicated. Lots of threads to the conversation, lots of points of views, lots of ideas for solutions, lots of special interests trying to hold onto their piece of the pie.

All the more reason that we need one simple organizing idea to help steer our course: There is no future in oil.

Does that phrase contain all the solutions? No.

Does it answer all the questions? No.

But it is true. That is it’s magic.

And at one level or another, if you say it enough, even people who aren’t completely convinced will have that message stuck in their heads. Remember “death panels”? That phrase created a huge impact on our nation’s psyche and it wasn’t even true. And the sad part is that those who tried to repudiate it actually helped imprint the message.

Some of us progressive sorts have a tendency to be complex, nuanced, multi-dimensional, able to hold ambiguity.

But if we continue to be complex, we will lose.

So, K.I.S.S.

There is no future in oil.

Over and Over and Over and Over…

2 Jul

The brilliant University of California cognitive scientist George Lakoff explains why it is important to repeat the phrase “There is no future in oil” over and over again:

“When a word or a phrase is repeated over and over for a long period of time, the neural circuits that compute its meaning are activated repeatedly in the brain. As the neurons in those circuits fire, the synapses connection the neurons in the circuits get stronger and the circuits may eventually become permanent, which happens when you learn the meaning of any word in your fixed vocabulary. Learning a word physically changes your brain, and the meaning of that word becomes physically instantiated in your brain.”

That’s why we’re focusing on saying this simple six word phrase again and again: There is no future in oil.

Are you with me? Will you help me say it?