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10 Jul

Are you an expert on oil policy?

Neither am I.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to “get” this campaign. Quite the opposite. To “sign on” you only need to sense that the oil path we’re on is a dead-end.

Do you believe that the oil will run out? Do you believe that this might happen sooner rather than later?

Are you willing to make a small, medium, large or extra larger effort to share your belief with others that Help?

I recommend that we repeat this simple phrase “there is no future in oil” over and over because I’m not convinced that enough people have come to that conclusion and I want to give them a nudge in that direction.

If you are already convinced, are you wiling to do something to move this campaign along? If you are, try this:

Copy this sentence in you Facebook status:

There is no future in oil. I you believe this to be true “like” this comment and check out the link below.”

Then copy and attach this link to the message: http://wp.me/pYDvT-R

The link points to an entry on this blog about the campaign.

Let’s see if we can boost the number of “likes” on the “There is No Future in Oil” Facebook page.

Thanks for your help!