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Pouring Oil on an Agapanthus

31 Jul

I’m not even sure whether “agapanthus” takes an indefinite article or not. Should it be just “pouring oil on agapanthus”? Let me know.

Anyway, it’s a big fat mess when you pour oil on one of those beautiful blue lilies of the Nile.

Baby animals in oil spill face uncertain future

23 Jul

The smallest victims are the biggest challenge for crews rescuing birds fouled with oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill.

There’s no way to know how many chicks have been killed by the oil, or starved because their parents were rescued or died struggling in a slick.

From an Associated Press Article

There is no future in oil. Not for these baby animals or any that have to deal with being oil-soaked.

Cleaning Up Oil

1 Jul

If you have trouble imagining the effect of the escaping oil in the Gulf, just imagine an inch of sticky black oil on your kitchen floor, or a couple of gallons poured on your bed, or a layer of goop on your favorite tree or your dog.

This is the cost of being so in love with such a messy toxic substance.

I think most of us are quite aware of the magnitude of this event, but we may also need to be reminded. We may need to get it at a deep visceral level in order to create the will to make a big change. And it will be a big change. No doubt about it. And I will need to make it and you will need to make it and my political opponents will need to make it.

If we start now, however, it will be better than if we wait. The big ship must begin to turn.

Help me by passing along this simple message: there is no future in oil.