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Current Stats

26 Jul

These totals are cumulative as of 11/23/12:

Hits on this blog: 1058

Facebook page “likes”: 304

Website hits: 282

YouTube views of “Pouring Oil on a Banana”: 111

YouTube views of “Pouring Oil on an Agapanthus”:  75

YouTube views of “Pouring Oil on Ken in Fishnet Stockings”:  190

The numbers keep creeping up! Little by little, the word is getting out: There is no Future in Oil!

3 week stats

20 Jul

After three weeks here are the totals.

Facebook “likes”: 179

Blog hits: 125

Website hits: 67

Keep ’em coming!

Stats after 2 weeks

12 Jul

The numbers continue to rise during the second week, slowly…

Total hits on this blog: 94 (+45 for the week)

Hits on website: 55 (+27)

Facebook “likes”: 148 (+44)

Let’s keep plugging away!

First Week Stats

3 Jul

After about a week:

49 hits on this blog.

28 hits on the “There is No Future in Oil” website.

104 “likes” on Facebook.

This continues to grow in an incremental way! And I would presume that these numbers don’t fully reflect the numbers of folks who have seen the message. Thanks to everyone who is passing on the word: “There is no future in oil.”

Early Stats

30 Jun

As of 7:30 am, June 30, 2010:

69 people have “liked” the Facebook page.

10 hits on this blog.

8 hits on the website. (Some undoubtedly mine!)

It’s a start!

Getting Started

30 Jun

The idea came to me while preparing to preach a sermon. I delivered that on Sunday morning, June 27, at First Congregational Church of Berkeley, United Church of Christ. Beginning that Sunday afternoon through early Tuesday evening, I reserved the domain name (and three more that are closely related), designed a logo, started a simple website, set up a Facebook page, installed a web counter and set up this blog.

On Monday night I shared the idea at a committee meeting I was attending. On Tuesday I shared it with some of the staff at church. Also Tuesday morning, I sent a Facebook “you might like this page” to all my 570 or so Facebook friends. By 7:30 (which is right now as I am writing, a bunch of people “liked” the page.

Wait, I have to go find out how many there are now…

I’m back. It’s up to 57.

This campaign is not about racking up friends or “likes,” although as things go on, those numbers will be good metrics for seeing how things are going.

This campaign is about repeating these words: There is no future in oil.